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About the Hotel

Relax and enjoy the elegant atmosphere and genuine fun with us. The hotel is located next to the beach and the famous Split promenade. The hotel rooms have a beautiful view of the sea, the beach and the islands.

Our rooms are modern, spacious and clean. Our guests should feel themselves like at home. In our restaurant Fanat indulge in the pleasures of exquisite local and international cuisine with a wide selection of premium wines and in our SPA relax your body and mind, enjoying the luxury of comfort. We have everything you need for your dream vacation.


About the stuff

The soul of the hotel are the employees. Professional, friendly and helpful staff is always there for you. According to a saying, with a smile on your face you will gain friends, and the frown only gives you wrinkles.

About the neighborhood

The neighborhood is a quiet and peaceful part of the city of Split, near the sea, the promenade and sun are ideal for all age groups, for elderly, for young, for families with children and for those who like recreation.

Why do families love us?

In our hotel, children are always very welcome and close to the hotel on the beach, you can find playgrounds, trampolines and other facilities that will surely delight your children. They say the man becomes the closest to himself when he achieves the kind of seriousness that has a child while play.

Elegant Surrounding

Relax and enjoy the elegant surrounding of the hotel and have a good time with us.

How to reach us

Split is very well connected by air,by boat and by modern highways with all of the major cities in Croatia and abroad.

By plane: besides the national airline a number of other airlines connect Split with the most European cities.Split airport is located 22 kilometers from the cente of the city,and there are buses ,taxis and boats that provide transportation between the airport and the city centre.

By car: with the use of modern roads-which make part of the international highway grid in the directions of central and western Europe.You can reach Split either by car or by bus within a couple of hours.

By boat: Split is connected with Rijeka by coastal ferry line and by international line to Ancona.Distance from the port to the hotel is 3 kilometers.

For The Love Of Dalmatia

This Mediterranean, temperamental and forever young city has lived its urban rhythm for more than 1700 years with its heart in the Diocletian’s palace.

Building of the magnificent palace is the favor of the Roman emperor Diocletian, in whose honor “Diocletian’s nights” are organized and celebrated every summer. Inside the walls of the Palace, you can become a part of these famous events that recreate the past. Vestibule, Peristyle, museums and the gates are some of the numerous sights worth visiting.

The Palace is protected by UNESCO and is a registered site of World cultural heritage.